The Flying egg cafe

Eat-in menus include pizzas, paninis, burgers, and all-day breakfast items. We also offer a children’s menu that offers burgers, fish fingers chips, nugget chips or sausage chips that are served with beans.

Corporate and Event Catering

Companies that require catering within the London Heathrow area should consider contacting The Flying Egg. They will bring the food they serve in their cafe to the office or any venue in the area. They have a wide range of buffet menus that you can choose from.

For instance, you can choose the Sandwich Platter that comes with a variety of sandwiches on white or wholemeal bread, and rustic rolls with fish, vegetable or meat fillings. The Sandwich Platter also comes with bowls of vegetable crisps.

The most popular choice is the Rhossili. The buffet consists of various sandwiches on white and wholemeal bread, as well as rustic rolls with different fillings. It also comes with pizza slices, savouries, and crisps. Customers can choose from mineral water or fruit juices.

Customers can also choose between cake or fruit platter with the buffet.